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Criminal Lawyer Ingham

If you are facing criminal charges in Ingham, you don't need to navigate the criminal justice system on your own. By contacting David Cole, you will get legal representation from an experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer and will stand a better chance to fight your charges and avoid a criminal conviction.

Covering all types of criminal law matters, David is dedicated to assisting clients who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law.

With years of experience in courtrooms and legal proceedings, David provides all his clients with professional legal advice and representation no matter how serious the criminal offence is or their personal circumstances.

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David Cole is on your side

David is a trusted and reputable Criminal Lawyer in Ingham and surrounding areas in North East Queensland and is able to appear in all State and Federal Courts around Australia.

With his previous experience as a prosecutor for Crown Law, David has a unique insight into both sides of the court process. He now specialises in all areas of Criminal Law including Sexual offences and Fraud offences, as well as Commercial Litigation, White Collar Crime, Family Law and Traffic matters.

Choosing the right Criminal Lawyer

Contacting the right Criminal Lawyer can be the most important decision you make in regard to a positive outcome.

Whether you've been charged with drink driving (DUI) and need a special hardship licence or need representation for another criminal or traffic offence, don’t forego quality criminal advice/representation and gamble with your future.

Contact David Cole as soon as possible about your criminal matter.

What have you been charged with?


A criminal charge is serious and depending on the type of indictable offence, you could be facing a term of imprisonment. This could have a severe impact on your life and reputation.

Seek immediate legal advice from an experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer if you have been charged with one of the following offences:

  • Assault based offences
  • Assault occasioning actual bodily harm
  • Assault occasioning bodily harm
  • Assault or Obstruct Police
  • Break and enter
  • Burglary
  • Drug cultivation, production or importation
  • Drug trafficking
  • Supply of a dangerous drug
  • Grievous bodily harm
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder
  • Robbery
  • Sexual offences
  • Weapons offences

Are you already awaiting trial? Give yourself the best chance at being granted bail by contacting an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as possible. David will ensure that your bail application is correctly handled.

About David

David Cole

David is an experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer who has devoted over 20 years to the pursuit of justice in both state and federal courts in Ingham and throughout Australia. 

With a background in prosecution (Crown Law), David has a unique insight into both sides of the courtroom, making him the ideal representation for clients facing all manner of criminal charges, including Domestic Violence offences, Drug drivingDUI offences and other Traffic offences, Murder, Manslaughter, Sex crimes and Robbery charges.

David is available to represent you at Ingham Magistrates Court. Alternatively, he can advise you about your legal matter at Ingham Police Station. We have included their locations and contact information below.

Ingham Magistrates Court
35 Palm Tce
Ingham Qld 4850
Phone: (07) 4758 3180

Ingham Police Station
37 Palm Tce
Ingham Qld 4850
Phone: (07) 4776 9777

To contact David to discuss your matter, please phone 0407 322 955 or submit an online enquiry below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to give police my fingerprints or DNA?

In Queensland, the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act gives the police the right to obtain your fingerprints or DNA under certain circumstances.

If you refuse to cooperate, the police are allowed to use reasonable force to obtain them.

The police can take your fingerprints and DNA when you have been charged with an offence which carries a maximum penalty of one year’s imprisonment or more.

The police can also take a person’s fingerprints and/or DNA if a court has made an order that they may do so (Section 471). If this occurs, the police may detain the person in order to obtain their fingerprints or DNA.

If there are no charges laid against you, the police are obligated to destroy your fingerprints (usually within 6 months time.)

Will I have to accompany the Police to the Police Station for Questioning?

The Police will only be able to take you to the Police Station for questioning if you are under arrest. It is important to be aware that you are not required to participate in interviews with the police.

You should exercise your right to remain silent and contact a Criminal Lawyer or Criminal Barrister to obtain legal advice.

What does a criminal lawyer do?

Criminal defence lawyers work to defend individuals, organisations and entities who have been charged with a crime.

Engaging a criminal lawyer ensures your rights are protected, you are fairly treated and that the principles of law that protect everyone are upheld by police and courts.

What is the difference between a barrister, solicitor and lawyer?

The term ‘lawyer’ is an overarching term which includes both solicitors and barristers. If someone is a Lawyer, it means they have had the required legal training which permits them to give legal advice.

Solicitors can provide general legal advice across a wide variety of legal issues, but they are not able to represent you in court unless they hire and instruct a barrister.

Barristers are experts in specific areas of law and are able to represent you in court. A barrister spends much of their professional time representing individuals and businesses in court.

Do I have to answer questions from the Police?

If you are approached by a Police Officer you are only required to provide your name and current address to the Police.

If you are in a vehicle, you must produce your driver license. If you are a child, you will be asked for your age.

You do not have to answer any other questions from Police or provide them with any further information and you should avoid obstructing the police.

Do I have to take part in an identification parade if asked by Police?

The police may ask you to participate in an identification parade, also known as a line-up.

You do not have to agree to participate in a line-up and should seek legal advice from a criminal defence lawyer if asked by Police.

Are Police allowed to search me?

Police are only allowed to search you if they have reasonable grounds or if you are under arrest.

Reasonable grounds include if you are suspected of carrying drugs or weapons.

Do I have to speak in court?

You only have to speak in court if you are to give evidence from the witness box.

As an experienced criminal lawyer, David will handle all speaking in court. Allowing inexperienced persons who are unfamiliar with court procedures to speak may put the case at unnecessary risk. 


This website is for informational purposes only and is not offering legal advice.

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