Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is when one person behaves in a way that controls or dominates another person and causes fear for their safety and wellbeing. It is a pattern of abusive and controlling behaviour and can take many forms, including:

  • physical or sexual abuse  (eg. any act or threat of aggression towards another including a pet)
  • emotional or psychological abuse (eg. stalking, controlling contacts, appearance, name calling)
  • economic abuse (eg. withholding or controlling finances or threatening to do so)
  • threatening behaviour  (eg. making someone feel afraid or threatening to commit self-harm)
  • coercive behaviour (eg. forcing someone to do something they wouldn’t normally do)

Domestic violence can occur in:

  • an intimate relationship
  • a family relationship
  • an informal care relationship
  • domestic violence extends to children witnessing physical violence either to a relative, another person or pet or things being broken.

David is experienced in:

  • applying for a Protection Order
  • defending an Application for a Protection Order
  • varying the terms of an existing Protection Order

You should always seek legal advice before deciding whether you want to agree or disagree with a domestic violence order application or before asking for a hearing date. Once a domestic violence order is made, it may affect licences and other cards you hold including weapons' and security licences.