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Driving Under the Influence (DUI)


If you have been charged with drink driving or drug driving, then you are not alone. These offences are very common in Australia. Despite their common nature, they are treated as serious offences and can result in loss of licence, fines and potentially even imprisonment.

You need an experienced and knowledgeable traffic lawyer to provide you with expert legal advice and represent you in court if you want to get the best outcome in your matter.

Your driver’s licence is invaluable

Whilst we are all familiar with our own State’s road rules and regulations, we often forget when we cross the borders that we are under the law of the new State and harsher penalties may apply. There may be less leniency in sentencing, less options available to you (no work licences for example) or in some cases automatic loss of licence or even jail time depending on the charge.This is why it is vital you get immediate professional legal advice from a lawyer who is qualified to represent you in all States.

Many of us take our driver’s licence for granted, until we are faced with the real threat of losing it.

Think for one moment how many times in one week you need to use your licence: driving to work; driving for work; driving the children to school, after school activities, their sports activities, parties, social events, sporting venues, medical appointments, holidays, etc.

Then there is the embarrassment of having to explain to others why you need a lift; the social stigma that surrounds a drink driving or drug driving conviction and the effect it can have on marital relations.

The effect on quality of life cannot be ignored.


The real concern for anyone facing a DUI or drug driving charge in Brisbane or across Queensland is the length of disqualification they face. There are a variety of things impacting on the court's standing point:

  • Level of intoxicant found in the driver’s blood.
  • Type of driving exhibited.
  • Distance over which the vehicle was being driven.
  • Nature and extent of the driver’s traffic history.

Where there is a conviction recorded

A further complication of a drink or drug driving conviction that is often overlooked until it is too late, is the potential for restrictions on travel to some countries. You may manage to reduce your licence disqualification period, or even get a work licence, however, you should consider the ramifications of having a conviction recorded. The right legal advice about your options, regarding the charge(s) you face, and the best course of action for you in light of your circumstances, is crucial.


David Can Help

David Cole strives to ensure you are represented in the best possible manner and that means that he does not accept the circumstances as they appear at face value. David will dig deeper and test how particular claims of fact will hold up under scrutiny. He may employ expert witnesses and state-of-the-art technology to get the best possible outcome. There might be examination of the procedures followed by police, enquiry into the use of approved and properly maintained equipment, investigation into accuracy of devices used, frequency of calibrations, training of officers performing the tasks and whether the machinery was operated correctly.


David provides highly experienced representation in all states and territories of Australia.

Contact David today if you have any queries or have been charged with an offence.